Mission Statement

You can count on Benjamin Freight Broker Group to deliver.  More than Freight Brokers, we are the reliable logistics partner you’ve been looking for.  We are only as successful as the individuals and company we serve, which is why we do everything we can to bring success to our shippers and our carriers by leveraging our experience and expertise to reduce costs, maximize profitability, and streamline the supply chain.  Our mission is to take the guesswork and headache out of shipping, which gives decision-makers like you more time to focus on the core areas of your business.

Values and Vision

Our core values are to always treat our customers right, with trust and integrity, and to continuously go above and beyond in the aim to protect the customers’ assets.  Our values are also derived from the idea and the philosophy that our company can only exist and be successful if our customers are successful.  Total quality and excellence in customer service are the essence and the benchmark of Benjamin Freight Broker Group.  Our motto is defined by four powerful principles: Efficiency, Effectiveness, Total Quality, and Customer Satisfaction.  Our vision is embedded in our corporate signature, which reflects the strive for excellency in everything we do, the sense of urgency, and the ultimate goal to meet all your needs.

About Us

Our Shippers And Carriers Are More Than Just Customers. They Are Family!

Since opening our doors, Benjamin Freight Broker Group has been committed to being the freight brokerage and logistics company of choice, providing service of the highest quality, paying particular attention to working efficiently and effectively while keeping the lines of communication with our clients clear and concise. At Benjamin Freight Broker Group, we avoid cutting corners that could put your shipment at any risk. We want you to achieve faster transit times and maintain the highest level of service quality while doing so.  Benjamin Freight Broker Group is a dynamic company that is fueled by the commitment to excellence.

A Few Things We Are Great At

Competitive Advantage

 Our knowledge combined with our extensive logistics network of flatbed trucks, dry vans, reefers, goosenecks, step decks, and lowboys allows us to meet your shipping needs without failure, and certainly without delay.  We only work with the most reliable carriers in the nation, which gives our shippers the confidence and peace of mind of knowing their valuables freight is in the right hands.  Benjamin Freight Broker Group remains very competitive in the market by significantly reducing the freight brokerage cost for shippers while leveraging and maximizing the profit margin of the carriers.


Reliable Brokerage Services

 We understand the impact shipping has on a business.  Tight margins and lean operating budgets leave no room for error, particularly when it comes to selecting a carrier.  The right shipping partner can oftentimes be the difference between net gains and net losses, but with so many carriers to choose from it is challenging and difficult to know which one is the best for your freight needs.  That’s where Benjamin Freight Broker Group comes in.  Combining our in-depth knowledge of supply chain management and logistics with an extensive network of DOT-authorized motor carriers throughout the United States, we’re able to match you with a reliable carrier that’s best suited to meet your shipping needs. Whether it’s local or long distance, one time or recurring, we can coordinate all of your shipments in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Confidence in Shipping

Logistics is the backbone of the world’s economy.  Businesses of all sizes all around the world rely on steady, predictable, and dependable shipping providers to bring their goods to market.  Unfortunately, not all carriers are equipped or prepared to meet your shipping needs without failure.  Thanks to our supply chain management experience and adoption of industry-leading technologies and processes, Benjamin Freight Broker Group can match you with a freight company that is guaranteed to meet and oftentimes exceed your hauling requirements.  We provide fast, reliable, and affordable shipping. Request a freight quote and we’ll get it done.  Complicated logistics are our specialty.  Let us know what your shipping goals are and we will get your cargo there.

The Secret of Our Success

Our secret to success is very simple. First and foremost, Benjamin Freight Broker Group always and continuously put our customers’ interest first.  We are also successful because we invest in the latest logistics technology in order to make our shipping process easier, more efficient and more effective.  This includes systems such as our Transportation Management System or TMS and our integrated Load Boards.  We also create an environment where our team feels invested in the company’s end goal and destination. Uniting our Freight Brokerage team towards a common goal is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create a culture of integrity, transparency, and trust.  The synergy that we create in implementing the three pillars of our culture: Integrity, Transparency, and Trust, combined with the four principles of our values: Efficiency, Effectiveness, Total Quality, and Customer Service, is paramount in our customers acquisition and retention.  

Let Benjamin Freight Broker Group Handle Your Freight

Meet Our Team

Benjamin Freight Broker Group has dynamic team members who believe in the vision and the values of the company. Trust, integrity, leadership, customer service, quality, and teamwork are the essence of our team.  

Ashley Benjamin

Chief Executive Officer

Emmanuel Benjamin

Chief Operation Officer

Adam Smith

Freight Agent

James Boone

Freight Agent

The Road to Success

  • Phone: (317) 909-9028
    Alternate Phone: (317) 258-2036
  • E-mail: info@benjaminfreightbrokergroup.com
  • Address: 5969 Couryard Cres. Indianapolis, IN 46234
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